I began taking snapshots around ten years of age or so, partly to keep myself occupied, but mostly because I couldn't draw very well (unlike my older brother), and I desperately needed a creative outlet for my energies. I have always been attracted to color, form and culture, and excitedly perused the LIFE, TIME, and National Geographic magazines that my father collected in the bookcases around our small Brooklyn, NY apartment. I like to think that my photographic eye was developed by looking at the thousands of images contained in those magazines.

As I grew up I combined my love of photography and love of travel to document my journeys, and share my experiences with friends and family via the photos that I brought back. The sheer excitement of getting the film developed, and the surprise of what was captured was the fuel for my continued excursions.
I joined the digital age a few years ago, and I strive to capture nature in all of its forms, and the natural expressions of people as they experience life from day to day. I believe that I was given a gift, and I happily share that gift with all of you that want to participate in the journey with me.

I will continue to look for opportunities to make time stand still--and to share those moments with you. I thank you for taking the time to join me. Blessings!

David Francis